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JustJobs Networks’ 2016 Signature Volume: Transformations in Technology, Transformations in Work


Technology is fundamentally reshaping the nature of work worldwide, spurring heated debate. While some worry that deepening automation and the rapid growth of online and “on-demand” labor platforms are eroding job quantity and quality, others claim that productivity gains will translate into more and better jobs in the long run. With its 2016 signature volume, JustJobs Network introduces real case studies from around the world, examining how technology in its different dimensions is changing employment outcomes.

The 10-chapter volume, “Transformations in Technology, Transformations in Work,” discusses a diverse range of topics: From online freelancer platforms in Latin America to the on-demand economy in Indonesia, from new models of work design in Germany to tech-based farm subsidies in Zambia. It adds nuance to the global debate and grounds it in the experience of policymakers, businesses and workers around the world.

Key Themes

  1. The discourse on technology highlights the trade-off between efficiency and equity, and policy frameworks must strike a balance between the two.
  2. The on-demand economy demands new forms of regulation and worker representation. Policymakers must be proactive about harnessing its benefits and minimizing its costs.
  3. Technology holds the promise of improving livelihoods and enabling labor market access for marginalized communities, but these effects should not be overestimated.
  4. Workers are leveraging digital technologies to empower and organize themselves.
  5. New technologies require rethinking “work design” – the way labor and technology are deployed, how work is executed and the kinds of tasks and interactions it involves.


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The end of 2015 marks the integration of one of the most dynamic markets in the world – the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). While much of the world was reeling from the impact of the Great Recession from 2009 to 2013, the regional bloc posted impressive Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rates – averaging 5.1 percent per annum.[i] Foreign Direct Investment in ASEAN grew by 18 percent in the last two years alone, reaching US$ 136.2 billion in 2014.[ii] It comes as no surprise therefore that policymakers and investors from around the world see ASEAN as a critical emerging market that has the power to lift the global economy and boost the ranks of the global middle class.

Sejak tahun 2012, pemerintah melalui skema Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Negara (APBN) berupaya memfasilitasi kebutuhan sarana mekanisasi pertanian pascapanen dengan memberikan bantuan teknologi combine harvester.

This report summarizes some of thefindings of AKATIGA’s study on food self-sufficiency relating to changesin small-scale rice farming systems in 12 rice-producing villages.

It is widely assumed that young people in rural areas are no longer attracted to work in the agricultural sector, especially small scale agriculture. On the other hand, small scale agriculture in Indonesia is still the nation’s biggest absorber of labour.

 This study describes the patterns of land control and agrarian structure in 12 rice-producing villages in Indonesia. It also explores the relationship between landholding, farm and non-farm incomes.

Authors: Nicholas Burger, Charina Chazali, Arya Gaduh, Alexander D.Rothenberg, Indrasari Tjandraningsih and Sarah Weilant.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are critical for emerging economies like Indonesia but simultaneously


The report concludes that effective approaches for empowerment requires a combination of intensive and strong community facilitation, CSOs that have effective relationships with government, community organisers who are flexible and responsive to the interests of the citizens and cadres and political will for government reform and transparency. CSOs and cadres act as a bridge from citizens to government and continued efforts are needed to build their capacities and networks and to strengthen channels of communication and engagement mechanisms between all governance actors. Success stories within the Program show that government’s willingness and encouragement for citizen empowerment in some location has been critical, recognising that it serves the government’s interest to have an educated citizenry that can hold the public sector in check as well as value the work of the public service.

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This evaluation was conducted in Regional Secretary of ASPPUK Java, especially in Solo. Generally, recipients of this activity are Woman in Small Business (PUK) that incorporated in the Woman in Small Business Network (Jarpuk) Ngudi Lestari. It consisting of 20 groups (KPUK) and the total amounted to 335 members of the PUK.

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Secara spesifik melalui penelitian ini hendak dijawab - dalam perspektif gender -perubahan apa yang terjadi pada masyarakat dalam kurun 10 tahun terakhir, adakah  mereka mengalami krisis dan strategi apa saja yang dibangun dalam menghadapi krisis.

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Penelitian ini menganalisa data sekunder terkait 17 persyaratan untuk menciptakan perusahaan yang berkelanjutan adalah untuk memberikan gambaran tentang keunggulan dan kelemahan relatif dari lingkungan yang kondusif di sebuah negara dari waktu ke waktu dan untuk membandingkannya dengan keunggulan dan kelemahan yang ada di negara-negara lain yang memiliki tingkat pembangunan yang sama.

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Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk memperoleh pemahaman yang didukung oleh data yang akurat dan sistematis mengenai praktek kontrak dan outsourcing yang semakin meluas dan mengetahui dampak yang merugikan bagi buruh yang ditimbulkannya. Sistem kerja fleksibel perlu dipahami karena tidak hanya membawa dampak bagi buruh dan serikatnya, tetapi juga membawa implikasi lebih luas terhadap permasalahan-permasalahan ketenagakerjaan dan sosial-ekonomi.

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Studi ini memiliki tujuan praktis untuk lebih mendorong para pemangku kepentingan industri T&G di Indonesia melalui upaya diskusi kebijakan agar tergerak untuk melakukan langkah-langkah konkrit mempertahankan dan sedapat mungkin memperkuat industri ini di dalam persaingan global, terutama untuk tujuan nasional mempertahankan kesempatan kerja dan menggerakkan sector ekonomi riil yang kecenderungannya kini semakin terabaikan.

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Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengidentifikasi pengaruh kebijakan dan praktik outsourcing di sub-sektor perbankan terhadap kesejahteraan pekerja serta upaya pekerja untuk berserikat. Dengan demikian maka penelitian ini akan melihat: (1) Kaitan antara regulasi perbankan dengan hubungan kerja di sub-sektor perbankan di Indonesia, (2) Kesejahteraan pekerja outsourcing di sub-sektor perbankan, (3) Peluang dan tantangan pekerja perbankan dalam berserikat.

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Kertas posisi ini menguraikan masalah pasar kerja fleksibel dan pentingnya tanggung jawab negara terhadap perlindungan sosial ekonomi pekerja di Indonesia. Gagasan ini bertolak dari kepedulian akan dampak negatif dari praktek fleksibilitas pasar kerja di Indonesia terhadap kondisi pekerja.

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This project studies the impacts of overseas migration on a number of transformations in two villages in Indonesia and the Philippines. The project has focused its attention on the impacts of remittances on land ownership and practice of agriculture. It elaborates on the contexts or reasons behind the promotion, active promotion of the government in sending low-wage workers. It identifies and studies the relationship between transnational migration, remittances and the changing agrarian conditions.

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This study attempts to answer the following questions:

  • Who participates in PNPM-Rural and who does not?
  • Why do these groups not participate? What are the obstacles to participation?
  • What can be improved in poverty programs, such as PNPM-Rural or other targeted programs,to reach these groups?

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Penelitian ini membahas mengenai keterlibatan masyarakat pada program PNPM dengan mengkaji lebih dalam dari analisis struktur sosial ekonomi dan dan alasan politik mengenai siapa saya yang berpartisipasi dan yang tidak serta menganalisis hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan partisipasi masyarakat pada program PNPM.

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